Ministry of Labour – Recent Decisions


A Carp security guard services firm was fined $20,000 on Aug. 22, for ignoring orders to pay wages. Two directors were also fined $9,500 and $500 for ignoring the orders.

Norcon Security & Investigation Services Ltd., was fined for violating the Employment Standards Act. It had ignored Orders to Pay issued by a Ministry of Labour employment standards officer.

Between March 2006 and April 2007, the Ministry of Labour received 32 claims of unpaid wages. An employment standards officer determined that the claimants were owed about $70,000 and issued 29 orders to pay.

Norcon and two directors, Anne Marie MacDonald and James McLean, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the Orders.

Also in August, a Barrie-area cheese-maker was fined $60,000. An employee lost two fingers in January 2012, while operating a machine at Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. of Bradford West Gwillimbury.

The worker reached into a discharge chute to manually clear the clog and the worker’s fingers were caught in a pinch point inside the machine. A Ministry of Labour investigation found that Silani Sweet Cheese had failed as an employer to ensure that the machine was equipped with and guarded by a guard or other device. Silani Sweet Cheese pleaded guilty and was fined $60,000.

Kevin Kauffman, of Toronto, pleaded guilty and was fined Aug. 27 in Kingston Provincial Offences Court, for failing as an employer to ensure that the measures and procedures prescribed by law were carried out.

He was fined a total of $25,000. A worker removed asbestos materials, although the employer had not ensured he was trained and had appropriate equipment for asbestos abatement and disposal. The worker did not receive any form of asbestos training.

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