ministry of labour plans Inspection blitzes

Ministry of Labour inspectors plan to make 11 inspection blitzes during 2013-14. These inspections check Employment Standards and Occupational Health and Safety compliance.

The proactive enforcement blitz focuses on protecting workers’ rights and enhancing employers’ awareness of their responsibilities.

Blitz findings are to be reported soon after completion. The ministry tracks various sectors to determine if blitzes result in long-lasting improvements in compliance, fewer injuries and fewer breaches of Employment Standards.

Workplace injuries and fatalities can usually be traced to a few root causes, the Ministry says. These vary by sector.

Employment Standards officers visit employers to check compliance with core ESA standards, such as displaying the Employment Standards poster, wage statements, unauthorized deductions, record keeping, hours of work, eating periods, overtime pay, minimum wage, public holidays and vacation with pay.

Inspectors target sectors where there is a history of Employment Standards violations, including where vulnerable workers are employed. These include:


    Retail Services

    Construction in Active Workplaces

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