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Five paralegals will be elected to the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC), after March 31. Those five will also be benchers — full voting members of Convocation, the Law Society’s “board of directors.”

The Candidates below have paid a small fee to be listed in Paralegal SCOPE Magazine. This information may be updated by the candidates from time to time. The listing order on this page will be switched-up often, to ensure “alphabetical fairness.”

Visit the Candidates’ Q & A pages, to learn more about where these candidates stand on specific issues:

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Paula Callaghan


I graduated with honours, in 2011. My field placement was with a criminal attorney. I opened my practice in 2012; areas of practice are: POA, LTB, and Criminal Summary.

I am the current Chair of the Paralegal Society of Ontario’s Policy Committee. I co-authored a proposal paper on having the Legal Aid Act amended.

In my spare time, I do volunteer work, acting in theatrical productions on behalf of various charities, with the County of Carleton Law Association, and the Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program.

A mix of new and senior paralegals would make a balanced committee.

Before becoming licensed, I worked as a medical assistant. I have two wonderful sons and have been married for 20 years to my husband, a surgeon.

Paula Callaghan Election Statement

Contact Paula Callaghan:

Meet Paula in Ottawa, Wed., Feb. 26, at an informal meet-the-Ottawa-area-candidates event hosted by Algonquin Career Academy.

March 7, 5 – 7 pm
Algonquin Career Academy, Mississauga
For Paralegal Program alumni
Speakers scheduled: Tami Cogan, Paula Callaghan, Brian Lawrie, Michelle Haigh, Cathy Corsetti


Michelle Haigh


    I have served on the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) continuously since 2006 – I was appointed to the first PSC by the Attorney General.

    While advocating and lobbying for the rights of paralegals, and the public interest, I have built a solid foundation with staff and benchers. My committee experience includes:

      • Access to Justice (co-chair)
      • Treasurer’s Advisory Group for Access to Justice
      • Government Relations
      • Proceedings Authorization Committee
      • Compensation Fund
      • Priority & Planning
      • Equity and Aboriginal Issues


    For 18 years, I have practised exclusively in the Small Claims Court and have had the pleasure of mentoring more than 12 paralegals. I am also a Legal Aid Ontario board member. | |


    Meet the CMB Candidates

    Michelle Haigh’s Election Statement


Cathy Corsetti


    Current chair of the Paralegal Standing Committee, Cathy is president of Corsetti Paralegal, in Mississauga. She has more than 35 years’ experience providing legal services in the GTA.

    As Chair of the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) 2010-2014, Cathy has been instrumental in: adding paralegals to the Referral Service and Member Assistance Plan; developing the Distinguished Paralegal Award; creating the new-paralegal reception; presenting the five-year regulatory review to the Attorney General; overseeing passage of Bill 111, which affects governance issues; implementing a substantive paralegal licensing exam, coming in 2015; and overseeing the changes that made paralegals Commissioners of Oaths by virtue of office.

    Cathy sits on several LSUC committees and working groups, including co-chairing Access to Justice.


Meet the CMB Candidates

Cathy Corsetti’s Election Statement

CMB Candidates Election Page: CMB


Robert Burd


I have been a paralegal for more than 23 years and a leader in paralegal professional organizations for two decades. Currently, I am President of the Licensed Paralegals Association (LPA).

Several members of my family are also paralegals. Our firm is Not Guilty Plea Paralegal Services Professional Corporation, which has advocated for clients in Provincial Offences court since 1986. I hold a BSc from the University of Toronto.

I am one of only five paralegals elected to the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) and have had the honour to represent paralegals as a member of:

  • Professional Development and Competency Committee
  • Challenges Facing Radicalized Licensees Working Group
  • Professional Regulation Committee
  • Access to Justice Committee |

Robert Burd Election Statement


Tami Cogan


I joined the Ontario Provincial Police as a Constable In 1993. After 16 years of active service, I decided to pursue a career as a paralegal.

I enrolled in the Algonquin College Law Clerk Intensive program in 2009, followed by the Algonquin College Paralegal program, graduating from both with Honours, then wrote my P1 licence exam in August 2011.

I’m now a sole practitioner, and occasional instructor and guest lecturer at a private college for an Accredited Paralegal Diploma Program.

My areas of practice are Human Rights, Small Claims Court, Provincial Offences and Landlord Tenant Board.

In my practice I enjoy mentoring paralegal candidates through their required placement hours.

Tami Cogan Election Statement

Mail-out Message



Brian Lawrie

In 1983, I decided to help unrepresented citizens fight their traffic tickets and I left the police department.

In 1985, I was prosecuted by the LSUC for defending citizens. I went to trial and eventually won the right for paralegals to provide competent, affordable, legal representation. Consequently, the need for “access to justice” was identified.

I established that same “right to representation” in Alberta (1987) and Manitoba (1988).

I have been directly involved in every paralegal governance initiative since 1986, including: Bill 7 and Bill 42; Ianni Report; Cory Report; Access to Justice Act, 2006. I was appointed a bencher by the Attorney General, in 2006.

I remain as dedicated as ever to advancing this profession… but… I need your vote!

Brian Lawrie’s Election Statement


Meet the CMB Candidates |


Ian Wilkinson



    Laurentian University – Political Science/Law (Juri)
    Brock University – Public Administration
    University of London, England – Law (LL.B.)


  • Started in private practice in 1992 with a range of legal services from bankruptcy to wills.
  • Began franchising paralegal offices in 1995 eventually operating in ten locations.
  • In my working life I have had a plethora of positions including factory labourer, retail sales, restaurant server, driving instructor, paralegal instructor, TV and voice-over actor.

Learn more about Ian at his website:!articles/c24vq


Ian Wilkinson Election Statement


Jaclyn P. Solomon


Jaclyn P. Solomon, B.A., licensed paralegal, Lawfully Yours, holds an Ontario real estate license with affiliations with A.C.T.R.A., CREA, OREA, RECO, and TREB.

Jaclyn graduated post secondary educations with Honours, and having studied the use of effective vocal communication, was recognized with several awards for public speaking and writing skills. She has operated her own designing firms, and companies within the retail, wholesale, and manufacturing markets of commerce.

Versed in PC and MAC O/S, and diverse business practices, she brings a meld of qualifications and experiences to her work as a paralegal. Constantly updating her education, she welcomes new challenges. Serving a diversified public, she is dedicated to the growing field of paralegals in Ontario.

    Website: |

    YouTube Video

    Professional Profile:

    Contact Jaclyn Solomon, Lawfully Yours:

Jaclyn Solomon Election Statement



Visit the Candidates’ Q & A pages, to learn more about where these candidates stand on specific issues:

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  1. How many candidates do we have so far?

    1. About a dozen have made public statements that they intend to run; only the Law Society knows how many paralegals have sent in the nomination packages to date. The deadline to send in the nomination information is Jan. 17 at 5 pm. The official list of candidates will be announced and posted at the LSUC site some time after that date.

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