Meet “Mr. Loophole”: Book Review


Paralegal Reena Basser, B.A., M.A., is a professor at Humber and Seneca colleges, in their legal programs. She reviews a book written by “Mr. Loophole,” with courtroom strategies that are particularly relevant for Provincial Offences work.


One happy summer, we had guests from Manchester, England, for one week. One of the guests was a criminal lawyer in a large Manchester firm. She found out I had just become a licensed paralegal and was jumping with joy over my career change. A lawyer in her office, a certain Nick Freeman, was the premier traffic ticket lawyer. He had been dubbed: “Mr. Loophole.”

Freeman’s book explains how he became a traffic go-to guy for well-known figures and celebrities, including sports stars such as David Beckham. Freeman writes that he gained his status by finding every loophole, or as he likes to say, every “aspect of the law.”

For example, Freeman left no possible disclosure unturned. If an officer’s disclosure should run to four pages, and Freeman only finds three – ticket withdrawn. If a defendant facing a speeding charge has “special reasons and mitigation,” or “duress of circumstance” by trying to get around paparazzi – ticket withdrawn.

Inspiration to Do Better, Study Harder

This book is really fun. It not only stirs the POA paralegal of ideas for the courtroom, but it is useful in any matter. The book encourages us to study more, draw on more case law, learn more legislation and read and re-read the relevant laws. Inspiration comes in many forms; The Art of the Loophole succeeds at that.

Freeman is at his best when he describes the details of how he used case law, close readings of legislation and paying careful attention to witness testimony, to fight thorny tickets.

While the book is British, the laws are similar and the legal principles overlap. I believe you will be a superior paralegal armed with this book – and that’s no loophole!


    The Art of the Loophole: Making the Law Work for You
    By: Nick Freeman (Coronet 2012)


Photo: Torah in Motion

Photo: Torah in Motion

    Reena Basser is a sole proprietor of Reena Basser and Associates, a Paralegal Firm in North York. She also is a Professor at Humber and Seneca College.




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