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The Rules, They Are A’Changing

Get up to date, with a FREE Law Society webinar, “The Amended Paralegal Rules of Conduct and the Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines.”

Credited for two Professionalism Hours, the live CPD is set for Mon., Sept. 8, 4:30-6:30 pm. Panelists include Cathy Corsetti, Chair of the Paralegal Standing Committee; Bencher Malcolm Mercer, Chair, Professional Regulation Committee; and Jim Varro, Director, Policy, with the Law Society.

Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct come into effect Oct. 1. Learn about the new standards, as well as the changes to the rules dealing with conflicts of interest, undertakings, and withdrawal from representation, among others. Presenters will offer practical examples, so paralegals have a firm grasp of what’s expected.

Solo & Small Firm Conference Materials Available
    Held June 12 and 13 in Toronto, this annual conference provides resources and practice tips just for licensees who work alone or with one or two others. For paralegals, that means the majority of active practitioners.

Participants had a chance to review the latest updates on essential practice areas, updates on innovative technologies and practice management tools to improve productivity and client service. Publications, presentations and webcasts from the event are available for purchase at the Law Society site.

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