Look Me Up, Please: Diligence in Subbing Case Files


Ben Hogan is a paralegal in Burlington, whose practice is focused on Provincial Offences defence. He explains why he looks up paralegals before taking, or offering, sub-contract work — and why he wants them to do the same.

Why do I look you up on the LSUC’s Directory? Because you better look me up on the LSUC Directory!

Sub-file work is an important part of a Highway Traffic Act Practice. We must ensure that we are properly licensed at the time we represent a client, or when we represent as an agent. We must also ensure that the paralegal subbing their File to us is in good standing with LSUC.

Last March, while I was sitting in the court’s Lobby, finishing my coffee, chatting, waiting for court to start, I got a phone call, at 8:45 a.m. It was from a paralegal who needed to sub-out a file; he was going to send it to me, but with due diligence, he checked me out on the LSUC Directory — only to find me listed as SUSPENDED!

Disclose and Protect

In a kind of panicked and embarrassed manner, I informed our Part III prosecutor that I had just learned I was under suspension and would be unable to speak to my matters. Thankfully, he did Administrative Adjournments of my cases and sent me home, like a schoolboy who forgot to bring his homework to school.

I thanked that Paralegal who phoned me that morning, profusely.

On occasion, I have seen a paralegal appear in court while under suspension, and I have seen a paralegal representing a sub-file from a suspended paralegal. It is not a pretty picture, upon discovery by the Justice of the Peace.

Simple Remedy, Lesson Learned

In my case, I had misfiled the LSUC Annual Fee for 2013, and inadvertently missed the deadline for payment. I paid the LSUC invoice online and was restored to good standing the next day. But, what would have happened if I did not get that phone call?

It is the responsibility of every paralegal to ensure that they, and every paralegal they represent or sub-out to, are in good standing with LSUC. So yes, I do my checks and YOU better check me out — particularly in MARCH!

Ben Hogan is a Licensed Paralegal whose practice focus is defence for traffic tickets and summary criminal charges.


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  1. Tracey Gauley · ·

    What a great article/warning Ben! I will ensure I receive a receipt of payment from LSUC after the fees are paid as part of my check-check system of P1 status.

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