Limos & Salters & Bears: Canadian Law for Paralegals

CanLII Connects makes it faster and easier for legal professionals and the public to access high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions. See Scope’s Publisher Page for examples of good legal writing by, for and about paralegals. Here are some recent cases of direct interest and use to Ontario’s legal services providers:

  • Not licensed, not exempted, not an unpaid friend: Failed paralegal applicant Harry Kopyto removed as legal rep by Human Rights Tribunal
  • Damage award survives bankruptcy Leighton v. Best, 2015 ONCA 180 (CanLII)
  • Salt – Are municipalities hooked, or on the hook? – Steadman v. Corp of the County of Lambton, 2015 ONSC 101
  • Meads v Meads continues to rock the CanLII world; called a “manifesto and a cri de coeur” defining vexatious and maverick litigants
  • Is swearing at police a criminal disturbance? R. v. Kukemueller, 2014 ONCA 295
  • Cycling season has begun: When a ‘bike is a ‘motor vehicle’ – R. v. Pizzacalla, 2014 ONCA 706
  • What is an appropriate remedy for bedbugs, where a tenant delays telling the landlord?
  • Court finds restraints unnecessary – again; “There is a presumption that accused persons appearing in court should not be restrained unless the need for restraints has been justified by the Crown”
  • What does the prosecution need to prove on a charge for “Insecure Load-Commercial Motor Vehicle”? OCJ appeal court weighs in – R. v. Little, 2015 ONCJ 52 (CanLII)
  • Law and Order Canada: Polar Bear Jurisdiction Unit
  • Spousal immunity applies to common-law couples; identity was at issue in POA, criminal case R. v. Lomond, 2015 ONCJ 109 (CanLII)
  • Facebook posts accepted as evidence of lifestyle, income imputation in support case before OCJ – Gonzalez v. Garcia, 2015 ONCJ 146 (CanLII)
  • Morin guidelines “are not a limitation period – Analysis of issues in 11(b) applications – R. v. Ibrahim, 2015 ONCJ 140 (CanLII)
  • Getting a by-law ticket is not discrimination under the Human Rights Code: HRTO dismisses claim Simon v. Burlington (City), 2015 HRTO 317 (CanLII)
  • Alberta court finds municipalities have the right to regulate taxi and limo competition; minimum fares do not violate the Charter
  • ‘Shocking’ communications with a job applicant cost employer $8,000
  • Things to consider when choosing the forum, the heads of damage, the amounts, and the tax implications in cases where human rights and employment law overlap – Bray v Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, 2015 CanLII 3452 (ON SCSM)
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