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So, you graduated from a paralegal program. You have the paralegal basic skills and know-how to serve your legal clients well. You paid your fees and picked up your materials. You are smart. And yet, the idea of studying for the licensing exam has you feeling more stressed than your final exams did.

Students writing the new licensing exam in August will be the first to tackle the new exam, which focuses on substantive law in addition to ethics and practice management. As they prepare to write the new exam, the question is not: “How smart am I?” Rather, it is: “How am I smart and how can I use my strengths so that I can study effectively?” So say PREP Network co-facilitators Elaine Page and Sandee Sharpe.

PREP Network courses are experiential, interactive and differentiated to meet each student’s unique style of learning
Sharpe and Page take paralegal licensing exam success seriously – as seriously as their divergent and successful careers. Page, a Thornhill paralegal, was honoured with the Distinguished Paralegal Award by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2013, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of the paralegal profession. It was her own experience preparing to write the very first paralegal licensing exam that prompted Page to seek advice from her friend and seasoned educator, Sandee Sharpe. She knew that if anyone could help make the most of her prep time, it was Sharpe. A 25-year member of the Ontario College of Teachers and solid researcher in teaching methods, Sharpe has a knack for demystifying the very elements of exam-taking that so often vex students.

With the prep courses, Sharpe’s collaborative teaching background allows Sharpe to ensure that the PREP Network courses are experiential, interactive and differentiated to meet each student’s unique style of learning. Page brings the study material to life with the eye of an experienced paralegal. Together, their engaging style, techniques and meaningful content are continually honed and updated based on the latest educational research and student experience. This allows the PREP Network course to include strategies that recognize various learning and studying styles, acknowledging that candidates will take away the tips that work best for them. Preparing for the new exam is no different. PREP Network’s tip “buffet” of strategies for various learning styles are tried and true.

Besides the dozen prep courses it has run since 2012, PREP Network is active in the paralegal community. The organization participates in the Paralegal Cup and sponsors an annual award within the competition. Page is often called upon for professional development courses. An Ontario Paralegal Association supporter, Page is known for mentoring new licensees, and sharing what she has learned over more than 25 years in the field.

The full one-day seminar takes place July 18, at Glendon Hall (York University). The $150 fee includes techniques to tackle multiple choice, navigate scenarios, apply the law to situations, manage time, and set students up for success on the paralegal licensing exam.

PREP Network Photo: Dave d'Silva

PREP Network Photo: Dave D’Silva

    Elaine Page is the recipient of the 2013 Law Society of Upper Canada’s Distinguished Paralegal Award. In her 25th year of practice, she is passionate about the profession. Elaine has extensive experience in the creation of legislation and has sat on various Boards and Advisory Committees. She is a frequent guest lecturer, most recently at the Osgoode Learning Series, Ontario Justice Education Network, the Law Society of Upper Canada and several GTA colleges.
    Sandee Sharpe is a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers and has taught in the public school board for over 25 years. She is a passionate advocate for engaging and empowering learners of all ages, with the emphasis on experiential education. An author and contributor to educational articles, Sharpe is committed to mentoring and presenting at countless conferences across Ontario.
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