‘Let Them Howl’ – International Women’s Day



“Never retreat, never explain, never apologize; get the job done and let them howl.”


100 years ago, McClung and other suffrage supporters staged a play, “The Woman’s Parliament” in the Walker Theatre in Winnipeg. The Jan. 28 fundraising event offered an election-campaign opportunity to poke fun at the male-only government.


“The play exceeded all our expectations,” McClung wrote. “We made enough out of the play to finance our campaign in the province, and there is no doubt that it was a great factor in turning public sentiment in favour of the enfranchisement of women.”

Learn more about McClung and the other “Famous Five.”

Paralegal SCOPE Contributor, Judit Schonwald, covered a “Persons Day” event for SCOPE, in October 2013.




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  1. ‘Let them Howl” …kind of wish our profession would adopt that feisty spirit and push the LSUC for changes.

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