Less, Less, More — Paralegal Election Changes

Photo: LSUC

Photo: LSUC

Convocation has approved changes related to the election of paralegals.

With 2014’s election, changes include:

    • Five nominators for a candidate, down from 10
    • Candidates must include an email address with their nomination forms
    • Election statements will be reduced from 700 to 350 words
    • The voters list will be frozen at the first Friday in April in an election year
    • Election materials will be sent by e-mail unless an eligible voter has made an
      accommodation request for another format

Emailing the materials and candidates’ statements is designed to streamline the process and make election statements easier to read. Candidates will be able to add links to websites that contain more-detailed information.

The changes mirror those made to the lawyer bencher election process, approved at June’s Convocation.

(For more on paralegal benchers and changes Convocation approved in April, see the SCOPE article, “Elected Paralegals Should be Benchers“)


  1. Cathy Corsetti · ·

    I called in as I was on vacation, was very moved by the ceremony. Great that you are bringing convocation to the profession!

  2. Cathy Corsetti · ·

    Great job staying on top of things! 🙂

    Cathy Corsetti cathy@corsetti.ca


    1. Thanks, Cathy! It has been a long day, but very much worth the effort. There’s more news to come, from Convocation today.

      By the way, I loved the story behind the Eagle Feathers, and the information about how the Aboriginal traditions dovetail with our legal system.

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