Legal Word of the Day: “Spelling”

Photo: Paqribas

Photo: Paqribas

Spelling — Writing the letters that form a word, in the correct order.

The devil lies in the details, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, document organization and correct citations within legal documents. Does the evidence demonstrate “willful and wonton” conduct? Has your client been wrongfully fried? Should a paralegal include these in an “affidavid”?

Related Tribunal Cases:

E.P. v. Ottawa Catholic School Board, 2011 HRTO 657 (CanLII),
An Ottawa mother alleges a school board discriminated against her child by, among other things, correcting her spelling.

Nyonzima v. Idlewyld Manor, 2011 HRTO 1517 (CanLII)
Misspelling the affiants’ names does not lend credibility to fake documents.

X (Re), 2005 CanLII 77815 (IRB)
Would a mortuary spell “obituary,” “internment” and “August” wrong?

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