Legal Word of the Day: “Sedulously”


“Sedulously” — Consistently, persistently and with dedication.

Its use in issues of privilege:

R. v. National Post, 2010 SCC 16 (CanLII), [2010] 1 SCR 477
“A promise of confidentiality will be respected if … the relationship is one which should be sedulously fostered in the public good … ”

Tower v. M.N.R., 2003 FCA 307 (CanLII), [2004] 1 FCR 183
“The taxpayers did not show that the tax accountant-client relationship is one that in the opinion of the community ought to be sedulously fostered to the degree that would attract privilege.”


  1. So, Black’s is not sedulous? Perhaps they could run a “corrigendum.”

  2. Tracey Gauley · ·

    I was shocked that Black’s Law dictionary did not include this. It is the first time I have been disappointed looking up a word. Great word.

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