Legal Word of the Day: “Rubric”

Bobby Fischer Score Card

Bobby Fischer Score Card

Rubric — Scoring mechanism, prescription or scheme; rule, canon, measure, category, or classification method; title, heading or section in a legal text.

Rubric in use:

Ontario Power Authority (Re), 2011 CanLII 47521 (ON IPC)
“Disclosure of scoring sheets and rubrics could permit a bidding party to manipulate the tendering process by polishing up their proposal so as to hit the point targets, referred to elsewhere in the OPA’s submissions as ‘gilding the lily.'”

Decision No. 2893/00, 2003 ONWSIAT 960 (CanLII)
“In most cases, a worker’s psychiatric problems and chronic pain issues are considered together holistically under the rubric of the CPD policy.”

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