Legal Word of the Day: “Peremptory”

Stop ahead

Stop ahead

“Peremptory” — Calling for a conclusive end to an action; not open to delay. A peremptory order must be performed by the given time, with no further extensions.

In non-legal usage, peremptory can refer to someone who is offensively self-assured, given to exercising usually unwarranted power, dictatorial and brusque.

Note that this word can be confused with preemptory — an action made in anticipation of an event.

Relevant cases:

Colvin v. Gillies Hillcrest Variety, 2004 HRTO 3 (CanLII)

Toronto Licensing Tribunal Hearing – Mistre Tegegn Gebre Kidan

Matthew Roland Riddell v. Law Society of Upper Canada 2009 ONLSHP 45 (CanLII)

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