Legal Word of the Day: “Amicus Curiae”


Amicus Curiae — A “friend of the court.” An amicus curiae is disinterested legal counsel who assists the court, at the court’s request. It exists to ensure a fair trial.

Justice Rosenberg said, “In its ordinary use, the term implies the friendly intervention of counsel to remind the Court of some matter of law which has escaped its notice and in regard to which it is in danger of going wrong.”

Related Cases:

R. v. Clarke, 2009 CanLII 55715 (ON SC)
Should amicus curiae be appointed at the 11th hour?

PA (Re), 2011 CanLII 79817 (ON CCB)
Capacity and Consent hearing.

Canada (Attorney General) v. Almalki, 2011 FCA 54 (CanLII)
This motion raised the issue whether an amicus curiae or amici curiae should be appointed to assist the Court in a matter involving Canadians who were tortured in Syria.

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