Legal Word of the Day: “Ameliorate”


“Ameliorate” — According to Black’s Law Dictionary, to make or become better, with time.


Kawartha Lakes (City) v Ontario (Director Ministry of the Environment
, (2013) O.J. No. 2096, Ontario Court of Appeal.
An EPA order directed homeowners to “prevent, eliminate and ameliorate the adverse effects” of an oil spill into the natural environment.

R. v. Willocks, 1995 CanLII 7167 (ON SC)
The issue in this summary conviction appeal is whether the appellant’s equality rights were infringed because he is not entitled to the benefits of certain alternate justice programs that would be available to him were he one of Canada’s aboriginal peoples.

Suggestion and research by paralegal Tracey Gauley


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    1. NP, Sandy – I LOVE the idea that you look forward to the Word. btw, if you want to contribute a word (better yet, with related case law and links ;)) that would be wonderful.

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    At the end of my day, I always ck your Scope for a new “legal word of the day”. Just like I eagerly look for that favourite section on my Saturday paper… Pretty nice! Thanks Elizabeth!

  3. Funny – I really enjoy your “legal word of the day”. At the end of my day, I always ck your Scope to see if there is a new one. Just like … looking forward to my Saturday paper for that favourite section!

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    “Ameliorate” is one of my favourite words as I know it is yours as well Elizabeth. (to make or become better with time). It’s a powerful term. One day I would like to use it in a verbal sentence but I would probably flub it by mispronouncing. lol