Legal Word of the Day: “Adduce”


“Adduce” — To present, offer, bring forward, introduce, or cite evidence.

Related Cases:

R. v. Jacobson, 2004 CanLII 54576 (ON SC)
“The general rule is that a party may not adduce evidence when the sole purpose of the evidence is to bolster the credibility of that party’s witness.”

Decision No. 1244/00I, 2000 ONWSIAT 2059 (CanLII)
The employer wanted to reopen the case and adduce new evidence to rebut the testimony of the worker.

Thorndycraft v. McCully, 1994 CanLII 7310 (ON SC)
” … evidence of the experts who did not examine Mary Bell Taylor, deceased, must be adduced by means of hypothetical questions … ”

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