Law in the News: Paralegal-related Highlights

Round-up of all the news, updates, information, changes and proposals paralegals need, to stay on top of their game — Nov. 20.

  • City of Toronto seeks injunction to rein-in Uber, protect public
  • TWU‘s conditional approval from B.C. government could be revoked
  • SCC backs police’s powers to share wiretaps with foreign nations
  • Auto insurance bill – Trial lawyers’ Association sounds the alarm on harm
  • The little things – Lawyers create work/life balanced practice
  • Public library considering absorbing County Law Library
  • Civility is key advocacy: How to win cases and impress people
  • Ontario Court maintains jurisdiction over first bail, hearing even where trial in Superior Court
  • Major criminal law changes buried in Immigration Bill
  • LCBO close to deals for grocery store kiosks in Toronto, Mississauga, London
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