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I welcome the task of continuing development in the field of licensed paralegals in Ontario, by recommending practical, realistic policies to govern and regulate licensed paralegals in the public interest.

Often I am asked, ‘What is a paralegal?’ ‘What can a paralegal do for me?’ The answers to these questions involving the parameters and practices of a paralegal should be clearer. I will strive to bring more awareness and accessibility of all the services paralegals can offer to the public. Being available, current, and aware of frequently changing laws, having a voice and conscience to and for the general public should be of supreme importance to all paralegals.

Legal rights must be upheld assuring the public is guaranteed all licensees are properly governed by these rules, regulations and strict code of ethics, along with a personal promise of always doing our best. We must establish and uphold a standard by which all paralegals work above a plateau that we all must strive to supersede with pride.

There are many misconceptions about what paralegals are permitted to do, should do, and how best to assure our legal services are carried out to their fullest potential. The public’s well being must always be primarily in focus, offering affordable, efficient, and effective paralegal services, to assist the general public in their time of need.

Professional competence, through a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and the always integral competent, judgment, must reign. Honesty and integrity are paramount.

Knowing the questions to ask, the answers to question further, and understanding the reasons why, are fundamental!

Standards must be upheld with knowledge and research forever gaining new ground, as an integral part of our progress. Our evolving field, is one in which I hope to make a difference, paving the way for changing policies and practices to further paralegals, throughout Ontario.

I am proud to hold and maintain my Class P1 License issued by the Law Society of Upper Canada and wish to play a prominent role in the maintenance of all paralegals’ professionalism. That is why I am applying and my promise if appointed.

    Website: http://www.lawfullyyours.ca/ | http://www.lawfullyyours.com/

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    Professional Profile: linkedin.com/pub/jaclyn-solomon/22/442/a09

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Meet Jaclyn:
Sun., March 15 2 – 3:30 p.m.
15145 Yonge Street
R.S.V.P.- jaclyn@lawfullyyours.ca

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