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Paralegal SCOPE: the best source for all things paralegal

Paralegal SCOPE fills an untapped need and reaches a targeted audience. I’d like to share some data and statistics that demonstrate why I’m so excited to have taken the plunge and created this online magazine – and why the ride so far has been even more gratifying than expected.

Week Five – Wider, Deeper

Paralegal SCOPE Magazine surpasses the 5,000-views mark, May 14!

SCOPE generates about 1,000 views each week. At times, more than 80 views are logged each hour.

Top recent posts include:

  • AGM coverage: 411 (many hits came from Twitter shares)
  • Immigration scope of practice: 302
  • Motion withdrawn: 281
  • Unauthorized practice: 198
  • Paralegals react to AGM: 197
  • Clarity in Immigration scope: 189
  • Scope of practice issues dominated the searches that led to Paralegal SCOPE. People found us when using search engines to find specific recent cases, details about the upcoming Commissioner of Oaths change, professional events, Law Society services and SCOPE magazine itself.

    Contributors’ websites, Law Society pages, case law, practice aids, legal resources and details for events are the top links clicked at SCOPE.

    Visitors came primarily from Canada, but also the United States, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, Philippines and Israel.

    In just its first week, Paralegal SCOPE:
      * Was viewed more than 1,660 times
      * Averaged 30 views per hour
      * Published 40 posts and two pages
      * Recruited writers, photographers and key contacts for news and events
    Data about SCOPE’s audience:
      * Law Society, Regulatory Affairs, Scope of Practice and Features are the most-popular subjects
      * Most visitors found SCOPE via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and search engines
      * People landed on the SCOPE page after searching for terms including: “Acid reflux defence,” “paralegal scope of practice,” “scope of practice motion,” “scope magazine for paralegals,” “landlord solutions” and “Morris Report recommendation”
      * Visitors clicked links – lots of links. Most-clicked were: Law Society pages, Quiz Revolution legal quizzes, court decisions, legal news articles, contributors’ business websites and the Paralegal Society of Ontario.

    These stats suggest that SCOPE provides an important service. It offers news about the scope of practice, glimpses of what our fellow licensees are up to, and resources to assist in our day-to-day practices. It’s also a place for paralegals to get published and have their say, while promoting the job they love.

    Want to get involved?

    You can Follow SCOPE by clicking the Follow link at any page; Like us on Facebook; send Comments to SCOPE via the field at the bottom of any page; or write to me with your articles, suggestions, photos, links to news and resources: elerever@hotmail.com


    Elizabeth LeReverend

    – Elizabeth LeReverend, Licensed Paralegal, SCOPE Publisher

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