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Paralegal SCOPE has reported on the Paralegal Standing Committee election since last spring. From information about the election process changes, to offering a high-quality election service to all Candidates, SCOPE has helped to ensure that voters had the details they deserve, to make considered choices about the five paralegals who will become benchers.

As we enter the final minutes of the 2014 PSC Election, here are some election statistics to satisfy the information-junkies among us:

  • Election editorial “Election Realities” has been read 650 times
  • Home Page, featuring “Election Realities,” “Media 101” and information for voters: 9,559 views since January
  • “Truth & Consequences” article about PSC and other LSUC committees being held in-camera: 262 views in five days
  • Meet the Candidates — the main page for Candidates’ statements: 1,125 views
  • Question 1 in the Q&A: read 370 times
  • Question 12, the last Q&A: 60 views, 29 “Shares” in three days
  • “Three Months, 12 Questions”: 71 views and 29 shares, in three days
  • “10 Years’ Progress – Lost in Weeks?” – George Brown’s plea for election civility: 1,123 views, 105 social media shares

These statistics include SCOPE Magazine only — not Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Paralegal SCOPE daily readership has doubled during the first three months of 2014.

SCOPE has been viewed about 86,200 in just under a year.

Thank you, SCOPE-listed Candidates, and the voters who have taken the time to become familiar with governance issues and the Candidates’ positions.

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  1. Thanks for the great election coverage Elizabeth. It was excellent coverage of the issues.

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