I Fought the Law… Music Quiz — and I Won!


How does that song go again? “I fought the law and the law won”?

Well, now you can seek your revenge on the law, by taking it to the mat in a test of wit, logic and memory.

These 20 questions cross music genres and eras. Lyrics, content, crimes and legal issues are just a few of the question types you can expect. From the French Revolution to gender-bending Millennials — whatever musical era you call your own, it is probably in here.

If not, check out Legal Music Quiz #2 (The Second One), coming to a screen near you.

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  1. Tracey Gauley · ·

    This is so cool!!!!! And I love your title by the way, hee hee…

  2. Judit Schonwald · ·

    This was a great one. It seems my legal music knowledge has to be brought up to par 🙂

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