HRTO: Restaurant to pay $100,000


Three Muslim workers at a popular Toronto restaurant have been awarded almost $100,000. A human rights tribunal found they had been forced to eat pork, mocked for speaking Bengali, frequently called sh-t, and threatened with replacement by “white” staff.

In an 80-page decision, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) said the owners of Le Papillon on the Park, near the Beach neighbourhood, “made the workplace intolerable for each of the applicants.”

Judith Keene, vice-chair of the tribunal, found that the restaurant owners retaliated against the men after they complained, resulting in the loss of their jobs.

Keene also ordered the restaurant owners to take human rights training, and to prominently post Human Rights Code cards at the entrance and in the kitchen.

At the hearing, the restaurant owners testified that they did not force anyone to taste pork, did not use offensive language, and did not threaten to fire their employees.

The lawyer for Paul and Danielle Bigue, owners of Le Papillon on the Park, said his clients will make a “reconsideration request,” asking the tribunal to reconsider the decision.

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