How To Get SCOPE Updates


    People have been asking how they can keep up with SCOPE and make sure they are up-to-date with important news and information.

This online magazine is available all day, every day. SCOPE is ready when you are.

Every page at SCOPE includes a “Subscribe” link. Click that link and enter your email address to receive updates in your inbox. This does not work with some phones, so it is best to use a computer if you wish to subscribe.

    Other Social Media Options

SCOPE also maintains a Facebook page. Many SCOPE articles are posted there, along with articles at other news sources, less-newsworthy information, and links to funny or weird news from the legal world. Click “Like” or “Follow” to get updates from the Facebook page.

SCOPE articles and related information are available on Twitter: @ParalegalScope. Live Tweets from events such at the recent Trinity Western University Convocation event are a great way to catch the “feel” of live news coverage.

    Getting the Most out SCOPE

Each article at SCOPE is original. Each article has been carefully researched, written, edited and laid out, with html code and a technical communicator/reporter’s eye. Nothing is cut-and-pasted. Each article has a nexus to the scope of practice; each is selected to be useful, both immediately and over time. Each article is copyrighted, either by SCOPE or by the author, or by both.

Use the Menu items or the “Search” function to get the most out of SCOPE. The most recently published items are found under “Recent Articles.”

With more than 530 articles that cover ONLY the paralegal scope of practice, you may want to read past articles about one or two areas. Click on “News” or “Practice Areas” to see a list of articles related to your practice area. Images in the right-hand side of each page click-through to an update list of content on different practice areas, including Landlord & Tenant, Provincial Offences and Small Claims Court.

Clicking on tags in the list under each SCOPE article, is another way to read articles related to that subject. SCOPE uses more than 3,000 tags to organize articles by subject.

    This is Not a Hobby

SCOPE is a high-quality online publication, nationally recognized for the value of its content and the importance of its service to the legal community.

To keep SCOPE going, and ensure that the paralegal community, other legal professionals, students and the general public have access to independent, fair and reliable information, consider supporting SCOPE.

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I hope that each of the 12,000 or so people who read SCOPE Magazine each week, continue to have this important resource available to them.


    Elizabeth LeReverend
    Paralegal, Publisher

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