How Influential is the CanLII CEO?


Colin Lachance is among the 25 most-influential lawyers in Canada, according to Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

In the “Changemakers” category, Lachance is recognized for his leadership with CanLII, Canada’s largest open law web site. The non-profit organization “has changed the way the legal community and the broader public access law as well as disrupting the traditional legal information world,” the magazine notes.

“Lachance also launched CanLII Connects in April this year, which provides thousands of free, plain English legal commentaries on Canadian court decisions.”

    Raising the Paralegal Profile

Lachance asked Paralegal SCOPE Magazine to be among the first contributors to CanLII Connects. SCOPE case summaries and commentaries are available at the new online project, along with other publishers, law firms and legal information providers.

“As legal services providers regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, paralegals represent an important and growing community, and the Ontario approach may prove to be a model in other Canadian jurisdictions in the years to come,” Lachance wrote at the CanLII Professional Users LinkedIn group recently.

“If you haven’t discovered it yet, I’d encourage all paralegals (and anyone interested in better understanding how these professionals function in Ontario) to check out Paralegal Scope Magazine – edited by Elizabeth LeReverend – for news and information.”

Canadian Lawyer Magazine makes its selections by asking for nominations from legal groups and associations and the previous year’s honourees, readers, and an internal panel of writers and editors. According to the magazine, 6,112 people voted and commented on the 100 finalists selected.

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