Got It – Need It – Giving It Away? Consider Free Geek


There’s a great little community-based operation in Toronto’s west end, that I highly recommend. Free Geek sells used and refurbished electronics. It takes donated goods, spiffs them up, wipes clean the hard drives, and re-sells them at an affordable price.

The Free Geek site includes this Mission Statement:

To promote social and economic justice by:

    Increasing access to computing and communications technologies
    Providing education, training, and job skills
    Promoting the use of Free and Open Source Software
    Reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste

Staffed by approachable and knowledgeable volunteers and workers, Free Geek operates under a non-profit corporation. It accepts computers and electronics for reuse, refurbishing, or recycling.

Conveniently located in The Junction, near Keele and Dundas, the outlet sells laptops for less than $150, along with peripherals.

Free Geek relies on donations, and will even pick up equipment.

Phone: 416-572-3737

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