Good News for Legal Writers: CPD Changes Rolling In

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

More writing and editing activities are eligible for a maximum of six CPD hours a year, so long as the work is not primarily for advertising purposes.

A two-year review of the Continuing Professional Development requirements brings immediate changes, with more to follow next year. The Law Society of Upper Canada consulted lawyers and paralegals, after completing the review of the CPD system.

Eligible writing activities, and accreditation criteria for Professionalism Hours, will change immediately; other changes will take effect in 2014.

Effective May 30, co-writing and co-editing are eligible CPD activities, as are writing and editing for firm or other in-house publications or blogs. Accreditation Criteria for Professionalism Hours have expanded.

The changes are not retroactive.

Starting in 2014, the Law Society will introduce a simplified reporting process, eliminate the separate New Member Requirement, implement a late fee and reinstatement fee, and introduce an Accredited Provider Framework, to streamline the approval of professionalism programming.

An application process for Accredited Provider status will start in September.

Content submitted for accreditation on or after May 30 of this year will be assessed according to the revised Accreditation Criteria for Professionalism Hours.

New paralegals who provide legal services will be subject to the same CPD Requirement as experienced paralegals. Those who become licensed in 2013 do not have to meet the CPD Requirement until the 2014 reporting year, but may begin to accumulate CPD Hours in 2013. CPD programs and activities taken by new members in 2013 must contain at least 30 minutes of professionalism content.

The Law Society says the changes will “simplify the administration of the requirement and facilitate compliance, while ensuring the fundamental goal of supporting the competence of the profession is maintained.”

More information and a handy chart are available at:

The Paralegal Standing and Professional Development & Competence Committees presented Convocation with a joint report on the CPD Requirement.

Learn more about the CPD system at “CPD Demystified,” in SCOPE.

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