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Lawfactory-presentaWorking from home by choice, or saving on overhead costs when just starting out… a new service provides virtual legal practice management solutions.
Paralegal Al Ricci, a former technology executive, started Lawfactory with one goal in mind: make it easier for solo and small practitioners to leverage technology so they can spend more time with clients, while keeping expenses down. The new business launches Sept. 2.

“Technology, when implemented effectively and efficiently, can have a real impact on a person’s access to justice,” Ricci noted.
After a 17-year career in software and productivity solutions, Ricci returned to school in 2012 to pursue his interest in the law. Even before he graduated, Ricci saw the need for a service that combines the cost-saving features of virtual office space with leading technology solutions.

Leverage technology & turnkey practice management productivity solutions, to serve clients from anywhere, any time, on any budget
 “The idea for Lawfactory arose from the need to simplify the often-daunting task solo or small legal practitioners face when starting a practice, and to help a solo or small practitioner already in practice, to maximize their operational efficiencies,” Ricci says. “By delivering secured cloud-base communication and productivity solutions paralegals and lawyers can leverage our platform to manage their practice.”

Canadian-based Servers Ensure Compliance

Expenses such as hiring staff, purchasing support systems, and brick-and-mortar overhead costs can make it difficult for new legal practitioners to set up their first practice, and turn a reasonable profit. As the legal services marketplace becomes more competitive and technology-driven, a right-priced turnkey practice management solution offers broad advantages.

Lawfactory services allow law professionals to leverage the cloud and work anywhere, any time. All of Lawfactory’s cloud services are based in Canada, with all data residing on Canadian servers.

“Legal service providers have an obligation to keep all client matters private and secure, yet by using these large US-based offerings they are doing neither,” Ricci notes.

Professional image, professional services — from a prestigious mailing address, one-stop messaging solutions, virtual offices and case management technology
Location matters, and Lawfactory’s office space delivers. The Bay and Richmond facility offers a prestigious address, walking distance to Old City Hall, Osgoode, the Federal Court, University courthouses and big players in Ontario’s legal community. Close to TTC, the subway, Union Station and the PATH underground pedestrian system, the offices are accessible and very welcoming.
With Lawfactory, legal professionals are able to give their clients that “big firm” feel without incurring that “big firm” cost. Office space is available at $20 per hour, with a discounted rate of $15 per hour when pre-reserving 10 or more hours per month.

Bundled Service Options

Lawfactory’s “bundled” service packages combine physical office services with mail and package handling, shared-use private offices and meeting room space, along with virtual cloud services, such as secured e-mail, digital file storage, faxing and toll-free telephone number. This frees legal professionals from the expense of a long-term lease and support staff, while providing the benefits of a professional image.
Lawfactory has formed strategic partnerships with support service partners, along with its own platform and service model. This ensures that clients have the best solutions to manage their practice efficiently and effectively. “We are focused on combining “best-of-breed” solutions, along with our own offerings, to provide our clients an unparalleled experience,” Ricci says.

    Visit lawfactory.ca or call toll-free at 1-888-597-5499. Ricci encourages potential clients to visit during reception hours (8:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday) for a tour and to learn more about the service packages.

    SCOPE readers can enjoy a 15% discount on all Lawfactory offerings through October 31, 2014 — just say you learned about Lawfactory in SCOPE. Lawfactory is hosting the next SCOPE CPD, Saturday, Sept. 13.

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