Get Connected: Case Law for Paralegals


CanLII Connects is a free collection of summaries and commentaries on Canadian case law. Recent CanLII and CanLII Connects additions include:
  • “Good faith” is an implied term in all contracts: Supreme Court
  • A few CanLII Connects contributions on SCC decision creating new contractual responsibilities
  • More on contract law: 2249778 Ontario Inc. v. Smith (Fratburger), 2014 ONCA 788 (CanLII) – Standard of Review, Contractual Interpretation, effect of mixed fact-and-law analysis, applying Sattva principles
  • Promissory Estoppel – “A promise, whether express or inferred from a course of conduct, is intended to be legally binding if it reasonably leads the promisee to believe that a legal stipulation, such as strict time of performance, will not be insisted on.”
  • Police reading patrons’ text messages on casino surveillance cameras = wiretapping
  • Illegal “horseplay” – When cheating is evidence of intent to defraud – R. v. Riesberry, 2014 ONCA 744.
  • Written reasons released in R. v. Smith, 2014 ONCJ 595 (CanLII) – Analysis of s. 24(2) , s.8, s. 10(b)
  • 407 ETR – When does limitation period commence, for unpaid invoices? Some clarity, some fog: 407 ETR Concession Co. v. Ira J. Day
  • Alberta Court of Appeal – Collective agreement provides exclusive forum for dispute resolution
  • Flirting with frivolity: Immigration lawyer accuses woman of defamation; judge finds “being upset” is not worth $125,000 in damages
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