Fury Over Four Little Words: “Don’t Hire a Paralegal”

Virginia Selemidis

Virginia Selemidis

A paralegal student says the Law Society has responded to her complaint about a television ad and YouTube video that advise the public not to hire paralegals.

“I have been advised by the Law Society that the advertisement has been taken down,” Virginia Selemidis says. “The Law Society has advised they will provide a further update in writing sometime next week.”

The YouTube video from Sokoloff Personal Injury Lawyers, of Toronto, remains accessible online.

Selemidis also wrote to Rogers Communications, the parent company of Omni Television. A number of paralegals complained to the law firm, the Law Society, Rogers, Omni and the host of the paid advertising segment in which the 30- and 60-second ads ran. The ads, which relate to catastrophic injury claims, prompted a flurry of fury among paralegals in the early spring, when they ran in the evening on Omni’s multicultural channels.

Rule 3 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, regarding offering legal services, states that a lawyer shall not use means that are false or misleading.

A small battle won!

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  1. Laurie Marshall · ·

    Interesting, on the website they state their firm employs paralegals and invites resumes. This is a definite contradiction to the ad.

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