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Looking for legal advice? Does your office need occasional assistance with research, writing pleadings, or marketing material? Do you have a matter that needs to be contracted-out, or documents to serve?

The Paralegal SCOPE legal services listing is for both the public — people looking for a paralegal — and for legal services providers and businesses that offer services to the legal profession. Paralegal SCOPE makes no warranty for the services offered, or for the providers. These businesses and licensees are made available as a service.

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    Jaclyn P. Solomon is the owner and president of Lawfully Yours. She offers paralegal services in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout York Region.

Jaclyn practices in Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Tribunals, Administrative Tribunals, and Provincial Offences Court. Jaclyn freelances on or off site for legal firms. She prepares Claims and Appeals for Disability Benefits, Personal Injuries, and Quasi Criminal Offences, appears in court, mediates, and negotiates.

She can assist with your name change, summary convictions, court filings, process serving, and brief preparation. Experienced in PC Law, Fast Company, Quick Law, MSOffice, MaciWorks, LawStream Pro.

Jaclyn is licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and is a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits.

Fess are affordable and competitive.

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    Elizabeth LeReverend is a licensed paralegal who excels at communication.

Publisher, editor and writer of Paralegal SCOPE Magazine, she combines decades of reporting, writing and research experience with legal acumen. Her work has been selected to appear at CanLII Connects, for its concise and insightful take on leading cases related to the paralegal scope of practice.

A passionate advocate for the profession, her public speaking and legal education efforts have garnered praise across Canada and around the globe.

Contact Elizabeth for: Paralegal contract work, research, writing, pleadings, CPD development and presentation, professional communication advice, and for SCOPE advertising.

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James Moak has served clients in Eastern Ontario for more than 30 years. James Moak is available for agency work and handles referrals for law firms, paralegals and financial institutions.


    1-844-937-0347 | 613-363-0041

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  1. Can Scope recommend a health Insurance Providor?

    1. All I can suggest is to contact various providers, or use a broker to get the coverage you want for yourself and your employees. Best of luck.

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