Familiar Names Among Judicial Appointments

Photo: Ontario Courts

Photo: Ontario Courts

Names familiar to paralegals are among the judicial appointees announced by the federal Justice Minister Oct. 2.

Justice Katherine M. van Rensburg has been promoted to the Ontario Court of Appeal; she takes over from justice Edward W. Ducharme, who died over the summer. Van Rensburg was appointed to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in 2006. She was a partner in the Toronto office of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP.

Justice C. William Hourigan has also been promoted to the Court of Appeal, replacing Justice Alexandra H. Hoy, who became Associate Chief Justice of Ontario in June. Horrigan joined the Superior Court bench in 2009, after practising commercial
litigation with Fasken Martineau LLP.

Superior Court Justice Michelle K. Fuerst has been named the Regional Senior Judge (RSJ) of the Central East Region (Newmarket). She replaces Justice Michael F. Brown, who resigned as RSJ in April. Brown takes over Fuerst’s SCJ position in Newmarket.

Peter A. Douglas, a lawyer with Stewart Esten in Barrie, is appointed to the Superior Court bench in Barrie. He replaces Justice Margaret Eberhard, who elected to become a supernumerary judge as of July. A supernumerary judge has the option to retire, but chooses to sit half of the time instead. Douglas had been a deputy judge of the Small Claims Court for the Central East Region, since 1997.

Crown attorney Marc A. Garson has been appointed to the Superior Court in London. He replaces Justice John A. Desotti, who chose to sit as a supernumerary in February. Garson has been the director of Crown operations, west region criminal division, for the Ministry of the Attorney General, since 1997.

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