Exotic Animal Laws to be Reviewed

Blanding's Turtle - Ontario Wind Resistance

Blanding’s Turtle – Ontario Wind Resistance

In the wake of the deaths of two children in New Brunswick, who were suffocated by a python, the Ontario government will task a working group with looking at the need to change legislation.

“The recent events in New Brunswick have touched many Ontario families who need to know that the rules are in place to help avoid such tragedies in our own province,” a joint release states.

There is no province-wide legislation covering exotic animal ownership. Individual municipalities have their own approaches to bylaws and enforcement.

Ontario will review the rules in place dealing with the possession and ownership of exotic animals. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Ministry of Natural Resources are to examine the current structure, seek input from stakeholders, including municipalities, and report back this fall with options.

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