1. This is a fantastic idea, but would we expect anything less from Scope? You provide all paralegals with a very professional and in-depth look into the issues that effect us all. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Agree – this is a great idea Elizabeth! You’re going to be the Lloyd Robertson of this election!

  3. Cathy Corsetti · ·

    “Scope” this is a great idea and looking forward to the professional coverage that you always give. Sign me up.

  4. In the light of candidates, where there is vision the paralegals will not perish. There may be shades of darkness, and grey areas, too. But the light will shine through at the end of the tunnel where the passage leads in the interest of the public.

  5. i do not vote on popularity – so I am really looking to see whose got vision and specifics.

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