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Paralegal Simon Brown

Inspiration On-Demand: Resources for the Pod-Curious Paralegal

“Don’t Let Law Schooling Get In the Way of Your Legal Education” ~ Bastardization of a quote attributed to Mark Twain. We live in a wonderful age of information. Access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and legal research can be done at the touch of a button or screen. Substantive law and professionalism are […]

Talking Justice, Talking Paralegals

Access to Justice in the province takes another step forward, with the passing of the Treasurer’s Advisory Group torch to a new forum. TAG – The Action Group on Access to Justice — is a new forum to foster collaboration on initiatives to make justice more accessible. Its first meeting took place June 3 at […]

Hints, Clues & How-Tos – Free Legal Information

These resources will help paralegals and other service providers to advocate effectively. Resources include links to guides and brochures, videos and PDFs, on subjects such as: human rights, paralegal resources, Landlord & Tenant, other tribunals, rules and procedures, consumer rights, advocating for youth, and resources related to seniors, the disable and low-income earners. Tribunal-related Mental […]


uLaw Practice Management Service Review

For sole proprietors and small paralegal firms, the challenges of running an independent practice can seem overwhelming. How to juggle the day-to-day tasks, to manage clients, market services, comply with Law Society of Upper Canada record-keeping requirements, maintain an office, ensure banking needs are addressed, get paid, and advocate… these issues keep some independent paralegals […]

Free Events, Webinars – Updated Oct. 4

  Authorship Mock Trial in Stratford Oct. 4, Stratford Festival — “Authorship Appeal” starts at 10:30 a.m. Sat., Oct. 4. Stratford Festival of Ontario is sponsoring the free event. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, of the Supreme Court of Canada, will convene a special panel of judges to consider “whether there is sufficient evidence to refute […]

Access to Justice, LSUC & You

If an advisory group report is adopted at February Convocation, access to justice principles will imbue the core business and functions of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Treasurer’s Advisory Group (TAG) Working Group report, presented Jan. 23, is the opus of several years’ work among many organizations. Their goal: find ways to increase […]

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