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How To Survive (and Thrive) at Paralegal School

Some things, you have to learn the hard way. Or learn from others’ hard-earned experience. As new students settle in to their accelerated education, or get set for next fall’s intake, here is some friendly, blunt advice on making the most of your time in school. No matter where you choose to study, these pointers […]

5 Marketing Mistakes New Paralegals Make

Paralegal and professor Reena Basser outlines five trouble spots for new paralegals who want to market their services.   I have been in a sole proprietorship as a Licensed Paralegal for a while and have learned many valuable lessons in the arena of marketing. In my experience, new licensees falter in their first year with […]

Open Up, Let Real Stuff Happen

Paralegal SCOPE contributor Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer is the managing partner and COO of Kingston Data and Credit Inc., in Waterloo Region. He shares a recent experience that helped him put business and personal relationships into context. I was at a conference yesterday, and the usual small talk, handshakes, and platitudes came up, because no one really […]

To Err is Human; to Recover Losses is Legal

Paralegal SCOPE contributor Scott McEachern is an Oshawa-area paralegal who works primarily in small claims. In this article, Scott explains legal concepts involved in faulty workmanship claims, including what to ask for, when and from whom. Faulty workmanship happens. Constructors, mechanics, technicians, and others who are paid to build, assemble, install, fix, or repair things […]

New Hashtag, New Licensees

Nearly 250 newly licensed paralegals were welcomed to the profession Wednesday, at Osgoode Hall. Held twice a year, the New Paralegal Reception is a Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) initiative. It gives paralegals a chance to celebrate their licensing achievements, to network and to learn more about the Law Society services and support systems. […]

Ask Minda: When a Colleague Won’t Pay

Paralegal SCOPE contributor Minda Bowman writes a “paralegal advice” column, based on questions about ethical dilemmas, client management tips and sticky issues that simply are not addressed in typical courses or CPDs. This question is about what to do when a colleague refuses to pay for work performed. Dear Minda: Another paralegal subcontracted several cases […]

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