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Paralegal Simon Brown

Inspiration On-Demand: Resources for the Pod-Curious Paralegal

“Don’t Let Law Schooling Get In the Way of Your Legal Education” ~ Bastardization of a quote attributed to Mark Twain. We live in a wonderful age of information. Access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and legal research can be done at the touch of a button or screen. Substantive law and professionalism are […]

Get Published, Get Noticed

Are you a good writer, with a clear voice and legal training? SCOPE publishes original pieces that relate directly to the Paralegal Scope of Practice. Articles in SCOPE are not essays. They are not Face Book posts, or Tweets. SCOPE articles are readable, informative and reliable. Case summaries and commentaries may also be published at […]

Sole Proprietor, PC, Partner, or What?

When it comes to business arrangements, the options available for paralegals can seem either too numerous, or too limiting. Paralegals can provide services through a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a professional corporation. Each structure poses its own benefits and challenges. There is no “one, perfect business type.” Much depends on the resources, personality and […]

CCLA Leading the Way on Paralegal Acceptance

When it comes to bridging the relationship between lawyers and paralegals, the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA-ABCC) is in the forefront. About four years ago, when the issue of changing the by-laws to admit paralegals as non-voting members was put to the lawyer members, the vote was unanimous: yes. “We sent a strong message […]

From Babies to Mentors: Women Paralegals’ Resources

From parental leave, to saying no, and finding one’s true voice — female licensees face unique issues, compared to our male counterparts. About 200 people attended Justicia Symposium 2014, May 28, to learn and share ideas related to the particular challenges of women lawyers and paralegals. The annual event also marked the public launch of […]

Hints, Clues & How-Tos – Free Legal Information

These resources will help paralegals and other service providers to advocate effectively. Resources include links to guides and brochures, videos and PDFs, on subjects such as: human rights, paralegal resources, Landlord & Tenant, other tribunals, rules and procedures, consumer rights, advocating for youth, and resources related to seniors, the disable and low-income earners. Tribunal-related Mental […]

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