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* Saturday * Raising the Bar — Substantially

A challenging Continuing Profession Development (CPD) event slated for October will provide licensees with substantive information relevant across a broad range of practice. George Brown, CEO of George Brown Professional Corporation, and Director and Secretary of the Ontario Paralegal Network, says the all-day Raising the Bar Substantially CPD starts with an in-depth analysis of contract […]

Paralegal Develops New Judgment Enforcement Tool

Newmarket-based paralegal Dougall Grange knows all too well that obtaining a judgment is just the beginning of collecting on an outstanding debt. Executing the judgment so your client gets paid is often a whole new challenge. Decades of work in legal services have gone into Grange’s new venture, Public Executions, Inc. — a Canada-wide civil […]

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How to Choose Practice Management Software – Advice From Pros

Taking proper care of practice management is not just good business sense; the Law Society of Upper Canada makes it mandatory for licensees. But where to begin? How can a paralegal, especially someone just starting out, decide which systems and services to use? Some research has been done for us, and working paralegals willing to […]

Got It – Need It – Giving It Away? Consider Free Geek

There’s a great little community-based operation in Toronto’s west end, that I highly recommend. Free Geek sells used and refurbished electronics. It takes donated goods, spiffs them up, wipes clean the hard drives, and re-sells them at an affordable price. The Free Geek site includes this Mission Statement: To promote social and economic justice by: […]

Is the LSUC referral service right for you?

In response to growing public demand, the Law Society expanded its referral service last year to include paralegals. The service is featured at the Law Society’s website and people can obtain referrals online. It is promoted through mail-outs, advertising campaigns, and Members on the service are referred on a rotational basis. The Law Society […]

Wanted: Outstanding Judgment Debtors

As a legal service provider with several decades of experience, Dougall Grange knows all too well how difficult judgment enforcement can be. With that in mind, he has created Public Executions Inc., a new web-based service that allows for the publication of un-enforced judgments, together with information identifying the judgment debtors involved. After seven years […]

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