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New, Busy, Running Late? Legal App Can Help

Can’t make it to court? There’s an app for that. No, really. Every day in Ontario courts, paralegals find themselves scrambling to find a replacement for an appearance. Car trouble, illness and scheduling conflicts wreak havoc with the best-laid plans. Paralegals are too-often left running through their lists of colleagues who can make an appearance […]

Emond Publishing Prep Course

Writing in August? New Course Offers Review, Prep

Paralegal Candidates preparing to write the new licensing exam in August have a new way to calm their nerves. Emond Publishing, widely regarded as one of Canada’s leading academic law publishers, has developed a five-day preparation course which will cover substantive law in the key competencies that will be tested in the revised the paralegal […]


Taking the Pain Out of Accounting

With reporting and reconciliation season upon us, paralegals’ thoughts naturally turn to better ways to keep track of financials and case matters. These days, those issues include the cloud. A group of Ontario-based paralegals gathered on January 18 to get educated on what cloud-based practice management is, and how products such as uLawPractice can help […]

Writing in February? Practise Exam Could Help

A new online resource from a familiar name could help paralegal Candidates to feel more confident and prepared as they head into the examination room. Emond Montgomery Publications, widely regarded as one of Canada’s leading academic law publishers, has developed a timed practise exam for paralegal Candidates. It includes 60 questions that mimic the Ontario […]

Paralegal Professionals

Client Interviews: The Gentle Art of Getting to the Heart – Book Review

Interviewing is an art. It takes time and vigilance to become an excellent interviewer, and stay that way. In Interviewing Skills for Legal Professionals, 2004, Doug Cochran points out that excellent interviews save time and money, ensure that a client’s legal matter progresses efficiently, prevents costly mistakes, and is an expression of professionalism. Customer service […]


uLaw Practice Management Service Review

For sole proprietors and small paralegal firms, the challenges of running an independent practice can seem overwhelming. How to juggle the day-to-day tasks, to manage clients, market services, comply with Law Society of Upper Canada record-keeping requirements, maintain an office, ensure banking needs are addressed, get paid, and advocate… these issues keep some independent paralegals […]

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