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AMPs are Constitutional — More Paralegal News

Scope regularly provides carefully curated links to news items that are particularly relevant for Ontario’s 7,000 licensed paralegals. This focused list includes articles from popular media as well as legal-services provider content, all of it useful for paralegals.

Mill Fined $275,000 for Deadly Explosion

At Thunder Bay provincial court on April 4, Terrace Bay Pulp Inc. pleaded guilty  to charges related to a deadly industrial accident in 2011. Justice Joyce Pelletier fined the company $275,000. Terrace Bay Pulp Inc. had been charged after an explosion that killed a worker at its mill in northern Ontario in 2011. The company […]

‘Public Interest’ Ground in Recent POA Appeals

Fourth-year paralegal student Karen Fair takes a look at two recent POA Court of Appeal matters, and the “common ground” that links them. The Court of Appeal for Ontario recently released two decisions, R. v. A.E., 2013 ONCA 713 and R. v. Ul-Rashid, 2013 ONCA 782, dealing with appeals of Provincial Offences Act decisions. Both […]

407 Can No Longer Suspend Licence Plates of Bankrupts

Litigator and Paralegal SCOPE contributor Darryl Singer explains a decision that affects paralegals whose practice includes judgment enforcement and Provincial Offences. The corporation that operates the 407 ETR toll highway is the focus of one of the more significant bankruptcy decisions rendered in the last several years by the Court of Appeal for Ontario. The […]

A Hunch is Just a Hunch – Superior Court

It was a lesson about using “flimsy grounds” for stopping people on suspicion of texting while driving — an Ontario Superior Court judge has thrown out an alcohol-related conviction and stayed further proceedings. “This was an investigation that used an initial stop on flimsy grounds which became immediately an investigation of a drinking and driving […]

Supervisor Jailed for OHSA Violation, Lying to Investigators

Roofing Medics Ltd., a roofing installation company based in Brampton, has been fined $50,000, and supervisor Paul Markewycz jailed for 15 days, for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). A worker was killed in a fall, in August 2011. Markewycz and three employees were working a new roofing project in Toronto. One of […]

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