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AMPs are Constitutional — More Paralegal News

Scope regularly provides carefully curated links to news items that are particularly relevant for Ontario’s 7,000 licensed paralegals. This focused list includes articles from popular media as well as legal-services provider content, all of it useful for paralegals.

Social Inequality & Failure to Communicate: Toronto Ombud Report

City of Toronto Ombudsman Fiona Crean says more residents than ever are reporting problems with city staff and services, and the complaints are more serious than in past years. Crean said this morning that “growing social inequity” and basic human rights issues, in such areas as housing, child care and social services, contributes to the […]

* Saturday * Raising the Bar — Substantially

A challenging Continuing Profession Development (CPD) event slated for October will provide licensees with substantive information relevant across a broad range of practice. George Brown, CEO of George Brown Professional Corporation, and Director and Secretary of the Ontario Paralegal Network, says the all-day Raising the Bar Substantially CPD starts with an in-depth analysis of contract […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Pro se”

Pro se — Literally, “For self,” or representing on one’s own behalf. A recent report outlined the experiences of pro se litigants, and makes recommendations for making the legal system more accessible to more Canadians, including by expanding the role of paralegals. The right to self-represent in criminal trials is entrenched in Criminal Code section […]

Wrongful Dismissal – Free Webinar

A Parkdale Community Legal Services webinar recorded in June is available online. “Wrongful Dismissal” presents options for workers who have been fired or laid off. It looks at basic principles, such as when an employer can fire an employee, what a worker can do if they are wrongfully dismissed, and what the courts or the […]

Is There an Act for That? Legislation for Paralegals

Hundreds of pieces of legislation and associated regulations affect the Paralegal Scope of Practice. Here are links to pieces of legislation and regulations that paralegals are likely to encounter. This list is by no means complete. Additions are welcome. If you notice any omissions, dead links, or outdated information, please send an email:   […]

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