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AMPs are Constitutional — More Paralegal News

Scope regularly provides carefully curated links to news items that are particularly relevant for Ontario’s 7,000 licensed paralegals. This focused list includes articles from popular media as well as legal-services provider content, all of it useful for paralegals.

‘Public Interest’ Ground in Recent POA Appeals

Fourth-year paralegal student Karen Fair takes a look at two recent POA Court of Appeal matters, and the “common ground” that links them. The Court of Appeal for Ontario recently released two decisions, R. v. A.E., 2013 ONCA 713 and R. v. Ul-Rashid, 2013 ONCA 782, dealing with appeals of Provincial Offences Act decisions. Both […]

OCA Overturns Misplaced Gladue “Overemphasis”

In a decision that re-examines the application of Gladue principles, the Ontario Court of Appeal set aside a lower court’s sentence in a sexual interference case. Finding that the trial judge “overemphasized” Gladue principles in sentencing an aboriginal man who had a sexual relationship with a friend of his daughter, the court suggested three years […]

Hold the Phone Or Drive — But Not Both — OCA Rules

Court rulings released Friday have affirmed that holding a cellphone or any other wireless communication device — even briefly — while driving is illegal under the Highway Traffic Act. Released Friday by the Court of Appeal for Ontario, R. v. Kazemi, 2013 ONCA 585, and R. v. Pizzurro, find that there are no exceptions to […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Pro se”

Pro se — Literally, “For self,” or representing on one’s own behalf. A recent report outlined the experiences of pro se litigants, and makes recommendations for making the legal system more accessible to more Canadians, including by expanding the role of paralegals. The right to self-represent in criminal trials is entrenched in Criminal Code section […]

Provincial Offences Quiz

Find out if you have what it takes to practise in Highway Traffic Act matters in Ontario. Both substantive and procedural law are included, such as time limits and limitations, demerit points, defences and appeals, as of January 2014. Unlike the POA, there are 2,000 points possible with this quiz — and no insurance penalty. […]

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