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Top-10: Paralegal News From 2013

With six years of regulation under our belts, every year is a big year for Ontario’s 5,000 or so paralegals. Still, 2013 is a stand-out, when it comes to significant events. Court decisions, association realignment, legislative changes and governance issues had immediate effects on the profession. While it was difficult to narrow down just 10 […]

Vulnerable Workers to Gain Some Leverage

Ministry of Labour changes could help to level the playing field for some of Ontario’s most-vulnerable workers. The Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act was introduced Dec. 4 by Minister Yasir Naqvi. It would remove the cap on unpaid wages, increase the recovery period to two years, make temp agencies and their clients responsible […]

Queen's Park

Bill 111 Passes — PSC Members Will be Benchers

The Ontario legislature today passed Bill 111. The Modernizing Regulation of the Legal Profession Act increases the number of elected paralegal benchers, from two to five, among other changes. Attorney General John Gerretsen introduced Bill 111, “An Act to amend the Law Society Act and the Solicitors Act,” in the legislature Oct. 1. The Law […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Medical Suspension”

In Ontario, doctors are required to report the name, address, and medical condition, of drivers they believe pose a danger. A doctor must report to the Registrar of the Ministry of Transportation, where, in his medical opinion, the driver suffers from a condition that may make it dangerous for the person to operate a motor […]

Multiple Plaintiffs, One Defendant

Scott McEachern is a Durham-area paralegal whose practice focuses on civil litigation. Scott leads SCOPE readers through the nitty-gritty details and relevant case law, of multiple plaintiff claims against a single defendant, within the monetary jurisdiction of small claims actions. As a paralegal practitioner working primarily in Small Claims Court litigation, I am approached from […]

Ontario Leads the Way in OHSA Fines, Criminal Convictions

Since Bill C-45 amended the Criminal Code in 2004, prosecutions and convictions under occupational health and safety regulations have increased — nowhere more so than in Ontario. Record fines in the recent Vale Canada Limited and Metron Construction cases highlight the impact the occupational health and safety and criminal negligence changes have had. The Criminal […]

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