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Open Up, Let Real Stuff Happen

Paralegal SCOPE contributor Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer is the managing partner and COO of Kingston Data and Credit Inc., in Waterloo Region. He shares a recent experience that helped him put business and personal relationships into context. I was at a conference yesterday, and the usual small talk, handshakes, and platitudes came up, because no one really […]

How To Get SCOPE Updates

People have been asking how they can keep up with SCOPE and make sure they are up-to-date with important news and information. This online magazine is available all day, every day. SCOPE is ready when you are. Every page at SCOPE includes a “Subscribe” link. Click that link and enter your email address to receive […]

No One Expected the Spanish Inquisition

Paralegal Standing Committee Election 2014 was an eye-opening experience. As a profession, a certain lingering innocence is now lost. None of us who paid attention will ever again feel the same way about many of our colleagues. The election could have been a shining moment for paralegals. We could have demonstrated that we have “come […]

Truth & Consequences

With five paralegals elected to the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) getting set to begin their four-year terms, some licensees are still uncertain about some details. Misinformation and rumours spread during the campaign could leave doubts in licensees’ minds. The five who were elected March 31 are now benchers with full voting rights at Convocation. The […]

Media 101: PR Placement, Real Reporting, or Sponsored Content?

This is the first in an occasional series on “media awareness” for paralegals. From time to time, I will explain some aspect of news media, so that paralegals who may not be familiar with the media landscape can gain a better understanding.   “Consider the source.” This is a good idea with anything you read. […]

‘Let Them Howl’ – International Women’s Day

    “Never retreat, never explain, never apologize; get the job done and let them howl.” Nellie McClung   100 years ago, McClung and other suffrage supporters staged a play, “The Woman’s Parliament” in the Walker Theatre in Winnipeg. The Jan. 28 fundraising event offered an election-campaign opportunity to poke fun at the male-only government. […]

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