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Think you can multitask? Prove it!

Multitasking is an indispensable skill for paralegals. But how good are you, really, at juggling competing tasks? Here is an interactive game that tests your multitasking skills. It takes just a few minutes. At the end, you will see how you compare with other people. The Multitask Test: Created by

Human Rights in Eritrea – Quiz

Thousands of Eritreans flee their homeland, with many choosing Canada for asylum. So many arrive here, in fact, that they have formed their own taxi association in Toronto. What are the leading factors that cause Eritreans to leave in such numbers? Human rights concerns, including a lack of religious freedom, inhumane detention conditions and fear […]

Confidence-building Contract Quiz

Contract law affects everyone. Paralegals in Ontario are licensed to represent litigants in civil actions, where the amount of the claim is less than $25,000. Scenarios in this quiz provide a broad overview of some situations that can lead to a small claims action.   What happens if Jack doesn’t water Jill’s lawn? Should singing […]

Canadian Contract Law Quiz

Contract law affects our lives every day. If you use a website, buy a car, or agree to help out a friend, you may be entering into a legally binding contract. Do you know your liquidated damages from your promissory estoppel? What effect does partial payment have on your right to collect an outstanding debt? […]

Legal Movies Quiz

  Legal issues are a tried-and-true theme for movies.   These 30 questions test your knowledge of characters, legal issues, settings and plot twists in 30 movies that are related to the law.  < p>Good luck!   < p><a legal_movies

Military Quiz

Test your knowledge of the “words of war.” From battles, to famous warriors, armaments, equipment and the rules of engagement, Fighting Words will test your mettle. Each of the 20 questions has one best answer and a short explanation.   fighting_words

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