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Darryl Singer

Now It’s Their Turn: 97 Lawyer Bencher Candidates Running for Convocation

Pending any drop-outs, the list of candidates for lawyer bencher sits at a whopping 97, vying for 40 seats at Convocation. Nearly half the lawyer benchers who will be elected April 30 will be new to Convocation, as 17 of the 40 positions will be vacant. As with the paralegal bencher election last March, the […]

Paralegal Professionals

Coaching, Brokering – Helping More People Get Legal Services

Coaching self-represented litigants and brokering services for under-served Ontarians are among the innovative ideas in a report tabled today to Convocation. The Report on Next Steps on the Law Society’s Access to Justice Initiative for the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) was presented June 26. Among the updates, the report notes that 326,000 copies […]

Sole, Experienced Paralegals Get Most LSUC Complaints

Analysis of Complaints Received by the Professional Regulation Division in 2013 seems to indicate a troubling pattern. While sole practitioners constitute 52% of all practising paralegals, over 70% of complaints against paralegals that were received in Professional Regulation involve paralegals practising alone. Law Society’s membership stats break down paralegals in active practice by firm size: […]

Janet Minor, LSUC Treasurer

Janet Minor Named LSUC’s 65th Treasurer

Janet Minor, a constitutional lawyer with the Ministry of the Attorney general, is the new Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Minor garnered 31 out of 60 votes cast in a single ballot this morning at Convocation. The other nominees were Raj Anand (9 votes) and Christopher Bredt (20 votes). Minor is […]

Law Office of the Future – Fight Your Tickets Where You Shop?

Allowing Ontarians to purchase legal services where they buy their bananas is inching closer to reality. A report presented to June Convocation focuses on the next steps for the ABS Working Committee. In February, the group’s first report led some Benchers to warn of a loss of dignity for the profession, if people can buy […]

Tradition & Change: Conway Readies to Move On

As he heads into his last week as the 64th Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), Thomas Conway admits to a certain philosophical mood. “It is an intense job,” Conway says in his offices at Osgoode Hall. “Renewal is good for any organization, and for the Treasurer leaving, it is an opportunity […]

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