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Licensing Exam Details, Employment & Human Rights Among Legal News

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What Do Turtles & Service Dogs Have in Common? Tribunal Practice Update

Tribunal work involves legislation that affects clients with a wide range of legal issues. Employment, environmental issues, and social justice are just a few of the areas that are handled by dozens of tribunals established by the government. Here are some recent cases and reports from tribunals where paralegals may practice:

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Fines, Scam Alerts & Toilet Cams: Paralegal News Update

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MTO Fines Highway Maintenance Contractors

All contractors in Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario have been fined this winter, for failing to meet minimum standards. Deficiencies in service were found in all five maintenance areas of the province. A regional media advisor said the ministry monitors its contractors to ensure they are meeting the requirements of their contracts. They use automated vehicle […]

EPA: ‘When in Doubt, Report’ — According to Supreme Court

Environmental laws may be interpreted broadly to protect the public, the Supreme Court of Canada has found. The unanimous October decision, Castonguay Blasting Ltd. v. Ontario (Environment), 2013 SCC 52 involved a blasting company. It had been acquitted in 2010, and convicted on appeal in 2011, of a charge laid under s.15(1) of the Environmental […]

Turning Spill Penalties Into Trails

Penalties collected from environmental violations will fund 10 projects to restore and protect the environment — including projects to improve waterway habitat, plant shoreline trees and prevent spills. Ontario issues environmental penalties to industries that have spilled a contaminant into the environment, or failed to comply with regulatory requirements. The Ontario Community Environment Fund (OCEF) […]

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