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Paralegal Karen Fair

Legal Word of the Day: “Nunc Pro Tunc”

Nunc Pro Tunc – This Latin term literally translates to “now for then.” Nunc pro tunc refers to a court-ordered retroactive effect. Nunc pro tunc gives jurisdiction to take an action that was not taken when it should have been. A nunc pro tunc order is applied as though the action had been performed at […]

Paralegal Karen Fair

Legal Word of the Day: “Attorn”

Attorn – The act of formally transferring or turning over something to another party. The term is commonly used regarding the jurisdiction of the courts, or the transfer of real property to another owner. Attorning the jurisdiction of the courts, according to Justice Lang in M.J. Jones Inc. v. Kingsway General Insurance Co., “is well-accepted […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Evidentiary Burden”

“Evidentiary Burden” — Over the course of a hearing or trial, two burdens must be satisfied: the evidentiary burden, and the legal or persuasive burden. The evidentiary burden refers to a party’s obligation to put forward some evidence for a fact or issue that warrants consideration by the trier of fact. This burden may shift […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Solicitor-Client Privilege”

“Solicitor-Client Privilege” — This privilege refers to the legal right of an individual to withhold information from an opposing party, a court, a tribunal, and investigators, including law enforcement officials. Privilege applies to confidential communications. It exists any time a client seeks legal advice. This “class privilege” developed so that people could talk to a […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Litigation Privilege”

“Litigation Privilege” — A rule of evidence, litigation privilege protects certain documents from disclosure to an opposing party. Litigation privilege includes not just lawyer-client communications but third-party communications as well as preparation for litigation. Whether a communication is protected by litigation privilege is a question of fact. It is determined in the specific context in […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Jurisdiction”

“Jurisdiction” – Specific right, power or authority given to an adjudicator, to decide a legal matter.   Jurisdiction is an integral part of the justice system. If an adjudicator makes a decision outside the jurisdiction for the matter, that “jurisdictional deficit” means the decision is subject to appeal or review. There are limits to adjudicative […]

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