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Scope to Expand Over Next Four Years

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) has committed to expanding the paralegal scope of practice over the next four years. Presented to Convocation Dec. 4, the Priority Planning Committee strategic plan report to Convocation outlines significant changes that will have a dramatic effect on the future of legal services in Ontario. The changes are […]

AMPs are Constitutional — More Paralegal News

Scope regularly provides carefully curated links to news items that are particularly relevant for Ontario’s 7,000 licensed paralegals. This focused list includes articles from popular media as well as legal-services provider content, all of it useful for paralegals.

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From the Paralegal Four Corners: Practice Updates

Paralegal scope of practice is much more than tickets and small claims. Whether looking to branch out into a new practice area, or stay relevant with your current client focus, explore what’s new and important to Ontario paralegals. Statutory Interpretation on Appeal of MPAC, Assessment Act In Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Toronto v. […]


So-called ‘Agents’ on the Spot; Man Says Argos Discriminate Against Men

Tribunals are a significant practice area for Ontario’s paralegals. Here are highlights from a few recent tribunal cases of interest to the profession. A Hamilton Landlord & Tenant Board member has suggested the Law Society of Upper Canada should look into the exemption status of an “agent” who has represented landlords at hearings. In a […]


Who Needs a Licence? Rules & Rulings Crack Down on Abuses

In the six years since the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) began issuing licenses, its role as regulator has included protecting the paralegal scope of practice. Our defined practice area continues to be clarified by legislation and decisions from courts and tribunals. On the legislative front, Rules changes make it more difficult for unlicensed […]

Different Kind of Grow-Op, Different Practice Area

A recent appeal heard at the Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal tribunal demonstrates the powers these panels have. Tobacco farmer Matthew Sobczyk had appealed the Ontario Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers’ Marketing Boards decision to deny his 2014 application for a licence to produce tobacco, and retain the proceeds from the sale of seized tobacco. The […]

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