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PSC Election Standings

Paralegals across the province recently cast their votes in only the second Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) election to be held since the Law Society began regulating Ontario’s paralegals in 2007. Last December, Bill 111, Modernizing Regulation of the Legal Profession Act, 2013, increased the number of paralegal benchers from two to five. “Convocation is pleased […]

No One Expected the Spanish Inquisition

Paralegal Standing Committee Election 2014 was an eye-opening experience. As a profession, a certain lingering innocence is now lost. None of us who paid attention will ever again feel the same way about many of our colleagues. The election could have been a shining moment for paralegals. We could have demonstrated that we have “come […]

PSC Election Results – Five Benchers

Results of the Paralegal Standing Committee Election: Marian Lippa Cathy Corsetti Robert Burd Michelle Haigh Brian Lawrie Congratulations to the five new benchers! Four of the five supported Paralegal SCOPE, by using the Election service, Q&As and advertising. Candidates who used the service ensured that a fair and impartial media is available for paralegals — […]

Interesting Election Stats

  Paralegal SCOPE has reported on the Paralegal Standing Committee election since last spring. From information about the election process changes, to offering a high-quality election service to all Candidates, SCOPE has helped to ensure that voters had the details they deserve, to make considered choices about the five paralegals who will become benchers. As […]

Three Months, 12 Questions

Revelations brought to light after voting began led many paralegals to hold-off registering their five votes. As the only source of unbiased information for voters, SCOPE’s weekly Q&A gave voters and others a chance to learn more about the candidates. Written by Candidates who support professional-quality media for our profession, this information allows paralegals to […]

Truth & Consequences

With five paralegals elected to the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) getting set to begin their four-year terms, some licensees are still uncertain about some details. Misinformation and rumours spread during the campaign could leave doubts in licensees’ minds. The five who were elected March 31 are now benchers with full voting rights at Convocation. The […]

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